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Label Counting Options

Scanning Devices offers a full 
range of options for your next 
Label Counting Table.

We will work with you to determine
your needs and custom
configure a Label Table with 
just the options you are looking for.

Label Table Options: 

Bi-Directional Label Counting:

Dual motors installed on your Label Counting Table 
allow you to count a roll of labels and then rewind the 
roll by just selecting a singe switch.  Or, you can count 
labels in the forward direction and then count again 
during the rewind process.

18" Lift-Off Disks:

Our standard machine comes with
13" diameter label disks, but if you count larger or 
heavier rolls, or just want a simple way to remove 
labels once they are counted you will want to add this
option.  This option allows you to count label rolls up 
to 18" in diameter and once counted you simply lift 
off the disks to remove the labels from the table. 

Clear Label Counting:  

Specialized sensors are added to your machine 
which allow you to count clear labels on a paper 
web or clear labels on a clear web with accuracy 
and at high speed. Brackets allow for easy height 
adjustments for different sized clear labels

Missing Label Detection: 

During a counting operation this option will detect when 
a label is missing from the roll. The machine will
find the missing label and either report it to the 
operator, or, using an electronic brake, stop and back 
up to the spot of the missing label so it can be marked 
or replaced. (Requires Constant Speed Option &
Electronic Brake). When a missing label is detected, 
the count remains correct. 

Splice Detection:

This option automatically detects the presence of a 
splice in the web by detecting the colored tape used 
to mend that splice. This feature stops 
the web during counting so you can inspect the 
splice, mark its location, or reject the roll.  An accurate 
count is maintained in this process. (requires electronic

Barcode Inspection & Verification:

Validate that the barcodes on your label rolls
match what you expect (are correct), are readable
and present.  Stops the web during the counting/
inspection process so that the bad barcode can
be viewed by the operator and an action taken.
Label rolls can be counted and barcodes inspected

Electronic Brake:

Many of our customers are not just counting labels
but are looking for errors like missing labels,
bad or incorrect bar codes, or unwanted splices.
Adding an Electronic Brake to your table allows
for a quick stop to inspect or correct these types
of errors.

Preset Label Count & Count Adjust Option:

This option allows the operator to enter the number 
of labels that need to be counted/seperated from 
a larger roll.  Once the preset number of labels is 
counted the label table will stop the web so the 
labels can be removed.  This option also 
allows an operator to add a specific number of labels
to  the count.  (Used when label rolls have no or 
insufficient web leader.)

Constant Speed Option:

This feature keeps the speed of the web at a 
constant speed.  This is important for bar code
 inspection, missing label detection, and is beneficial 
when counting larger rolls.  Motor speed is 
automatically adjusted as the size of the take-up 
reel changes.

6", 3", or 1" Core Chucks:

Our Label Counting Tables come standard with 
3" mechanical core chucks, they provide a secure 
grip on the label roll without the need for compressed 
air at the site.  Special sized cores are available 
including 6" and 1" mechanical core chucks.

Record Keeping & Validation Software:

Two software packages are available for use with your Label Counting Table.
  - The first allows you to document each counting operation by recording the date/time, job name, operator name, product description, final count and the direction of count.  RS232 connection allows for automatic transfer of label count and count direction eliminating recording errors.  
  - A second software package provides a structured and documented process for validating your Label Counting Table.  Computer commands control critical steps in the process eliminating human error. Validation data is transferred via the direct RS232 connection to the computer.  
-  Count and Validation data can be saved and exported to Excel or other database programs for record keeping.

Visual Inspection Strope Light:

Strobe light is installed on the machine and directed at the moving web. Provides a vehicle for visual identification of labels being processed.

5" Locking Casters:

Locking casters allow for easy relocation
of the Label Table within your facility

Certified Test Roll:

Tamper evident roll of 1000 labels certified at the factory 
for accuracy.  Perfect for validating your Label Table,
training, testing, or demonstrations.

Other Options:

If you need a feature that is not described here, just ask.  Over the last 15+ years of building these machines we have probably built what you are looking for, for another customer.

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